About Us

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The Red Schoolhouse Restaurant/Tavern is located 10 miles North of Honesdale on the corner of 670 and 247 has been pouring suds and serving food for more than 60 years. The restaurant is a place where you can relax in a casual setting, with great food and low prices. Whether you are from out of town or local, the atmosphere is one of friendliness and hospitality.


The Red Schoolhouse has sustained through prohibition in the 1930’s and has had only 3 owners in its existence. The current of which is the Eldred Family, who purchased the tavern in May of 1977. Carl and Katherine Eldred ran the business until 1980 when their son Steven, helped with the business until September of 1981. In the beginning of September of that year Michael, the youngest of the four children took over the business to the present day. In 1992, Michael added on to the tavern with a addition of a dining room with a seating capacity of 90.

It has seen many changes through the years and many a traveler has stopped by, including entertainers, authors, politicians and more. With the change of times and laws governing Taverns, the business turned more from a country pub to a family eating establishment.